Wednesday, May 4, 2011


God created Satan
So Adam’s progeny
Would know the difference
Between good and evil;
Another matter that he came
To have a mind of his own,
And set up as the Devil.
Busy to this day,
He continues to challenge
God’s totality of sway,
Forgetting the purposes
That were meant to be his.
But, as you know, God
Will surely get him at the end;
Until that happens,
Adam must for himself fend.

Osama, when we created you,
You knew you had a specific job to do.
You were meant to be the jinn
Deployed to liquidate communists
And their kin.
But once out of the bottle,
You began to throttle
Your own maker;
You chose a religion not our own,
Thus we sent the drone.
You did not see that it was
Our purpose to install democracy
In well-oiled ways,
An enterprise that pays.

Alas, like Satan, you have infected
Many a wit and will,
But we must our godly task fulfil
To hunt subordinate devils
Far and wide,
So that the light of God may abide.

Our thunderbolts are many and diverse,
And no regions may be safe
From God’s puissant curse.
For that one war in heaven
Our arsenal equips us to unleash
Many a war from fort Leven.

If need be, we shall become
As evil as you,
If indeed that is not already true.

Badri Raina

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