Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GDP, Graft, and Greed

A great wonder is upon us,
we “grow” at 9%
but are beset by graft and greed;
contrary to best intent.

We had only thought to put
Capital at the centre of our lives;
not to banish uprightness
deep into the peripheries.

Which is why we ensured
that religion thrives as much
as any top grade tycoon
with the magical Midas touch.

Unlike them semetic faiths,
we know there was no “Fall”;
god is not out there for us,
but constantly on call.

Which is why we put the best above
every law of the land;
and the best are those can conjure up
billions through sleight of hand,

and keep the wheels of religion
well oiled for telling use;
we appointed them our trustees
for Capital and ethical views.

How can we believe that Capital
gobbles both morality and god,
or that money is more than mantra,
and piety less than fraud?

Believing so would mean you know
that our strategic partnership
with the United States of America
would take an ugly dip.

Far better that we acknowledge
that all humankind is “depraved”,
and only through the Son of God
may we Hindus be saved.

That would take our partnership
to a point of inter-operability
where our own gods and goddesses
would not a fetter be.

And, converted to “depravity”
we would not so bemoan
the graft and greed that troubles us,
but make Capital our very own.

Then grab and loot with just intent,
and often go to war;
subjugating the lesser worlds,
our fortunes would soar.

Our generation next would not be tied
to silly thoughts of the poor;
released from ethical humbug,
they would conquer the world for sure.

This in-between is what holds us back
from deserving dominance;
time we left the destitute
to god’s destined comeuppance;

time we ceased to make pretence
that graft and greed are sin;
depraved we came, depraved we are,
depraved we the world shall win.

This Capital-driven modernity—
ah, what a boon it is indeed;
it makes us kings of razmataaz,
with millions to serve our need.

Badri Raina