Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The rich, they rage together,
The rich are unionised;
The poor have separate religions,
The poor are well advised.

The rich, they say they want no state,
But know they are the state;
The poor, how they need a state
That might turn round their fate.

The rich, their grievance never ends,
They never have enough;
The poor, they are ready to go
With the least crumb in the trough.

The gods, they do not advocate
Equality, justice, peace;
They favour or disfavour,
Depending upon the fees.

Caring ones write articles,
But what article has worth
If the writer be not of the set
Rich in social girth.

Thus how the tree in my steady ken
Seems always to know better;
As I write of a world in whirl,
Rooted remains his letter.

Badri Raina Jan.,31, 2012

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